Green Roofing Systems

Green Roofing Systems

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It is getting easier and cheaper to convert flat roofs and podium decks into attractive, useful, environmentally friendly green spaces. But it is Wallbarn’s innovative modular solution that has taken the greatest strides in overcoming some of the challenges historically associated with designing and installing green roofs.

How does Wallbarn’s Green Roof Sedum M-Tray system work?

The superior vegetation in Wallbarn’s M-Trays is pre-grown in specially-designed modules for approximately six months at their dedicated UK nursery. Wallbarn have developed its own specially-designed substrate mix which means there is considerable root growth already in the tray. This ensures that by the time they are delivered the plants are strong, established and provide consistent cover over the intended area.

The modules contain a carefully-selected mixture of flowering sedum varieties, providing year-round greening and also different textures and flowers throughout the summer.

The modules are highly portable and simply clip together, meaning they can be installed much faster than roll-out systems without any specialist landscaping or roofing knowledge. The M-Tray’s unique design means rainwater gets retained far longer and very little maintenance is required through the seasons.

What species of sedum are used in Wallbarn’s Sedum M-Tray?

The flowering period for this variety of Sedum species is June to September. Please note, this just a small selection of the sedum varieties planted in sedum M-Trays.

  • Sedum Acre (yellow)
  • Sedum Kamchaticum (brilliant pink)
  • Sedum Acre Oktoberfest (bright cream white)
  • Sedum Montanum Orientale (yellow)
  • Sedum Album (white)
  • Sedum Oreganum (yellow)
  • Sedum Ellacombianum (yellow)
  • Sedum Forestianum (bright yellow)
  • Sedum Spurium (dark pink)


  • No loose substrate on the roof
  • No sharp aggregate damaging your waterproof membrane, blowing away or clogging up drains
  • Modules packed onto pallets for easy transportation
  • Ideal for areas with restricted access
  • Faster, easier installation
  • Expert knowledge not required for installation
  • Vegetation fully established with strong, healthy growth
  • Strong root structure reduces dependence on irrigation
  • An instant and sustainable green roof

Surface preparation

Prior to installation, a geotextile fleece should be laid under the trays to help prevent soil deposits entering the drainage system. Wallbarn supplies a recycled geotextile fleece for this purpose.

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