EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a great roofing option for the trade and DIY roofers.The biggest draw to EPDM is that it really is easy to install and has a life expectancy of 30-50 years. EPDM is perfect for low sloping roofs, and one major advantage is that it can often be installed as one whole sheet, allowing you to cover the whole roof and removing the concern for waterproofing seams.

EPDM consists of recycled rubber materials so it’s an environmentally friendly flat roofing option, and takes very little energy to manufacture. They also maintain the heat in cold weather, keeping down heating costs, and the thick rubber can keep out the heat in the Summer.Repairs can be done simply by homeowners. However, it is recommended that the initial instalment is undertaken by professionals.

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Our sister business has recently completed a new project which involved a 25 square meter balcony which was leaking badly.

Before Image

There had been 14 previous attempts by other contractors which had failed.  We removed all of the existing tiles felt and tar and applied a new surface with a self levelling compound and using our liquid rubber walkway system we applied two coats of primer using a Classic Bond Liquid Primer leaving two hours between each coat of the Classic Bond Liquid Primer  allowing the product to tack off but not fully dry and then applying two coats of our Classic Bond Liquid Top Coat  re-coating within 24 hours which has resolved the issues and the owner is of course more than happy.

End Result

The work took 3 days to complete.


DIY Roofing Supplies are expanding their online presence and product range on top of our existing product base of fibreglass, EPDM and liquid rubber roofing supplies, roofing trims, roofing tools and accessories such as buckets brushes and rollers.

We are also currently supplying EPDM roofing kits where you can input the size of your project and our site will calculate the products needed.  We also supply fibreglass roofing kits in the same way.  Our new and improved site will include hundreds of new products such as all felts from breather felts and torch on felts to traditional felts, a full range  of roofing tiles and slates, roofing timbers, all roofing fixtures and fittings, velux Windows and rooflights, sun and light tunnels and tubes, insulation, gutters facias and soffits.

We will soon become your one stop shop for all your roofing needs covering the whole of the UK.  Delivery will be affordable and fast.  We will keep you posted on the launch date.