About DIY Roofing Supplies

About DIY Roofing Supplies

Hello and welcome to DIY Roofing Supplies. Our roofing store is managed by family, however, we’re a family that have years of experience using the products we sell. We’re based in the South West of England and our team consists of three brothers, Kane, Adam and John. Our aim is to bring you the highest quality of products at the very best of prices.

Combined we have over 18 years of experience in roofing, we have fitted more roofs than we can remember and have a local team out covering MOD sites along with Grade 2 listed properties.

We are currently adding new products to our site every week, however, if you see that we are missing something that you’d like to purchase, please do let us know.

Together we have created the DIY Supplies Group. A registered company that aims to add more shopping sites to join the family. We started DIY Roofing Supplies in January of 2018. We had a vision to supply the UK with roofing products at the very best of prices. We believe that with our advice and expertise we can not only provide you with the best products, but also offer you the very best of advice.

Our next venture will see us taking on the building trade, DIY Building Supplies will launch very soon, and as with DIY Roofing Supplies we’ll seek to get the very best products along with the offering them to you at the very best of prices.

We’ll have more news on this soon, so keep an eye out on the blog section of our site. In the meantime, enjoy shopping with us and watch out for more and more products added weekly.

As mentioned above, the DIY Supplies Group also runs a local roofing company covering the whole of Devon and Cornwall. We offer a range of professional roofing and roof-related services for home and business owners. We pride ourselves on our roofing work, as well as using the products we sell here on DIY Roofing Supplies.

West Country Roofing has a proven track record in delivering economical solutions using industry-leading materials and methods. Our roofs and coatings are built to stand up to the elements in this part of the world, coping with high winds and keeping the rain out. We work with all kinds of flat roof including domestic homes, agricultural and industrial buildings, dormers, garages, sheds, sunrooms, as well as balconies and walkways.

To find out more don’t hesitate to visit: www.westcountryroofing.services.